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wednesday. residents are asked to tie up their debris with string or twine. the bundles can not be more than 12 inches deep. each bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds. >> beautiful weather on sunday after the storms. hopefully we'll get more of the same. tom kierein, welcome back. that was the price we paid for this tremendous change that occurred. we went from summer on saturday to autumn on sunday, and it's chilly this morning. starting out under a clear sky. crescent moon under a southeastern sky. temperatures under a clear sky, thanks to canadian high pressure pushing in, have plummeted. in parts of michigan and northern wisconsin, it's in the 30s this morning. over the next couple of mornings, they're going to have their first freezes of the season. for us around our region, we're down in the 50s. look at manassas down to 52, so's frederick.
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and down in the mountains, most of the areas in the 50s. closer to washington, southern montgomery counties in the upper 50s to 60s. prince george's county in the 50s. we'll stay in the 50s at 6:00 a.m. by noontime, low 70s. a mild and breezy day, could have winds gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour. highs reaching upper 70s by midafternoon. i'll be back with the hometown forecast in about ten minutes. now with your "first 4 traffic". things are looking good on the interstates. no word on any serious backups. we're dealing with construction on the woodrowshoulders, all thl lanes are open. looking good on 270 as you make the trip into maryland. let's take a live look. 270 at father hurley southbound is on the right side.
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as you can see, no backup there. aaron, eun? >> thank you, mike. congress is back in session after a five-week vacation. they return to the capitol with a laundry list of bills to consider. topping the list are the bush era tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of the year. another is a temporary deal that will avoid a government shutdown for the next six months. we are now less than two months until the presidential election, and both president obama and mitt romney are raising big bucks. the latest numbers show the president outraised romney in august, bringing in $114 million. the republican nominee raised $111 million. he had outraised president obama in the three previous months. despite the president's advantage in august, it was the third straight month that romney raised more than $100 million. romney will be in ohio today, another crucial state that could decide the election.
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he talked to david gregory in an exclusive interview on meet the press yesterday. he told gregory, if elected, he plans to repeal and replace obama's health care law, but he added he would keep parts of that law that he thought would help americans. >> there are a number of things i like in health care reform that i would put in place. one is to make sure that those with prexwiexisting conditions get coverage. two is to allow people to have policies that cover their families to whatever age they like. and also allow individuals to buy health insurance on their own as opposed to only getting it on a tax advantaged basis through their company. >> romney says he feels a voucher program would help medicare and make the program more cost efficient. president obama traveled to another battleground state, florida. at a standing room only event in west palm beach, obama told supporters that romney's economic plans simply don't add up. >> you add deficite edeficits,
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trillion of new tax cuts, $2 trillion of new defense spending, and somehow you're going to reduce the deficit by not putting the burden on middle class families. >> latest polls show the president is leading romney in florida by just one point. president obama's trip to florida ended on a sad note. a police officer escorting the motorcade was killed when he ran into a pickup truck. he was about to shut down the highway when a truck hit him. white house press secretary jay carney says the president's thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family. a former navy s.e.a.l. who was part of the raid to kill osama bin laden is talking about what happened. he wrote the book "no easy day," using the synonym mark owen.
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he was on the helicopter that crashed on may of 2011. he was also the second man that entered bin laden's bedroom. he talked on "60 minutes" in a disguise, using makeup to alter his face and had his voice altered. >> this was absolutely not a kill only mission. it was made very clear to us throughout our training for this that, hey, if given the opportunity, this is not an assassination. you will capture him alive if you can. >> the pentagon is seeking legal action against owen saying the book contained classified information. owen says nothing in the book compromised the u.s. safety or security. i can't stop smile. the burgundy and gold won their season opener, and perhaps more importantly, robert griffin iii appears to be as good as advised. rg3 threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns as the skins upset
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the new orleans saints 40-32. he did not throw any interceptions either. the rookie quarterback had the poise of a veteran on and off the field. >> the one thing i don't do is try to stress about anything or try to go out and try to prove anything to anyone. just go play, have fun. this is a game i played for a long time, and the guys in that locker room -- i was still a rookie to them. after this game, they told me i'm not a rookie anymore. >> the rookie started at quarterback yesterday. robert griffin iii was the only one to win of the five rookies. he was the first quarterback ever to throw for 300 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions in his first game. last year's overall draft pick cam newton passed for 422 yards and two touchdowns in his debut, but he also threw an interception. first overall draft pick andrew luck had a less than impressive
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day yesterday. he threw three interceptions despite passing for 300 yards and a touchdown. >> some folks we talked to in public, the restaurant there in d.c.'s tinnily town, they watched the game. fans said it's like a whole new team with rg3 as the leader. >> i'm glad to see that d.c. finally got its time, and the redskins are finally here. >> i love it. rg3, the future is now. this is awesome. >> this is pretty exciting. i didn't have my hopes up too high, but they've passed every expectation i had. >> the redskins travel to solution to take on the rams next weekend. rg3 makes his home debut on september 23rd against the bengals. a lot of people who aren't necessarily huge redskins fans are like, whoa, it's only the first game. you don't want to put too much pressure. >> we can bask in the glory of the first game. >> absolutely. >> the fact we beat the saints,
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we scored 40 points, which is the first time, i think, in 60 years -- over 60 years that a rookie quarterback scored 40 points for the redskins. and not only that but that his debut game went so well. >> it's a good thing. >> if we could just celebrate this today. >> and we need to move on. >> that's right. ahead on "news 4 today," shaping up to be a morning of confusion for kids in chicago after a late night twist for the schools in the labor fight. plus going out with a bang. how this year's paraolympic games made history.
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and with that, the london 2012 paralympic games have officially come to a close. the three-hour closing ceremony culminated with a fireworks display over olympic park in london. this year's paralympic games were the most watched and best attended of all time. the u.s. team won 98 medals all together, coming in sixth in the medals standing. >> congratulations to those amazing and inspiring athletes. 4:41 is our time. if you take a look outside, you can't really see the sky at this point, but it feels pretty incredible out there if you're not a fan of hot, hot weather. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tells us more about the lovely day ahead. tom, good morning.
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>> if you left the windows open, you're waking up with chilly toes. it's down in the 50s in many locations as we take a look at area temperatures. right around the beltway in the nearby suburbs, it's only around 60 degrees. it's dipped down into the 40s. parts of west virginia, central shenandoah valley, and western maryland. hometown forecast, waldorf in charles county by 6:00, 6:30 this morning, it's going to be in the upper 50s. sunny for the lunch hour. low 70s there, hour by hour for the whole region today. similar pattern. lots of sunshine, highs reaching upper 70s by midafternoon. going to be a bit breezy. winds gusting to 20 to 25 miles an hour. i'm back with your seven day outlook in ten minutes. mike is here with the traffic. >> good morning, tom. no serious backups on the beltway. we do have some construction at the woodrow wilson bridge shutting down the shoulder each way. no serious backup. should be gone in 15 minutes.
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construction on 95 at 123 shutting down various lanes each way. but as you can see a live look at 123, no serious backup. heading further north at pohick road, about a 13-minute drive on the 95 to the prince william parkway. >> thank you, mike. still to come this morning, how the former school of yeardley love is honoring the lacrosse player killed by her boyfriend.
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a developing story in chicago, where the teachers will work late in the day.
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negotiations between the teachers union and the board broke down. they couldn't agree on class size, teacher pay, evaluations, and job security. >> they're going to let people do school reform in the name of school reform in a way that makes the schools better. >> teachers, we don't want a strike. that's not our premise. but right is right. as teachers, we want to do what's right for our students. >> school officials will open some schools in chicago for half a day so kids can eat breakfast and lunch. the school system is asking community organizations to offer programs for the rest of the day. today we could learn more about a high school honors student's murder. police will discuss amber stanley's murder. she was at home in her bed in kettering. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 at the kettering community center. tonight the naacp will once
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again call on the city of laurel to overhaul its police department. it's holding a protest before a city council meeting. the civil rights group is angry about this incident caught on tape. it shows a laurel police officer slapping a handcuffed man in a bar last month. the city removed the officer, but the naacp says it's received several complaints from people who claim laurel police officers used excessive force on them. a brand new state of the art athletic field was dedicated in memory of yeardley love. ♪ the field is located near notre dame prep in baltimore where love attended high school. love is the former university of virginia lacrosse player who was murdered six months ago. her boyfriend george huguely beat her to death in a drunken rage. love's family says building the field is what kept them going. >> it gave me something positive
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to focus on and to work on. it really pulled us up and got us going and got us out every day. >> the field cost $1.2 million to build. it was financed through donations to the school and the one love foundation started by yeardley's family to help raise awareness for dating violence. today the d.c. taxicab commission will hold a meeting about the company uber. the d.c. officials will decide later this month whether to adopt new sedan regulations for the company. that includes setting uber's minimum price at five times the minimum of taxis. many of uber's drivers say they'll pick up and drop off where other taxis won't. cracks found on two more bridges on the intercounty connector. that's in addition to cracks they found on three bridges earlier this year.
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transportation officials insist the icc is safe. they say the cracks need to be fixed so the bridges last as long as they're supposed to. the contractors who built the $2.4 billion roadway will have to pay for the repairs. one contractor is disputing the inspector's findings. tomorrow marks a year since the september 11th terrorist attacks. today there is controversy about how expensive it is to operate the memorial and museum in new york city. officials estimate it will take $60 million a year to operate the world trade center memorial and museum. most of the cost is for airport type security at the site. the museum is supposed to bring in most of the money, but it's not complete. the $1 billion project is delayed because of a fight over financing. they're asking congress to help with operating expenses. today defense secretary leon panetta will privately tour the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. it consists of an open field with a single sandstone boulder that marks the exact spot for flight 93 crashed.
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the wall is filled with the names of the passengers and crew members who died. vice president joe biden is expected to speak at the memorial tomorrow. officials expect more than 200,000 visitors to the memorial this year. this morning officials are trying to determine who is responsible for a series of bombings that killed more than 100 people and injured more than 300 in iraq. the bombing started yesterday after a judge sentenced iraq's fugitive sunni vice president to death by hanging on charges he masterminded the death squads against rivals. the car bombs tore through six different baghdad neighborhoods. this was one of the deadliest days in iraq since american soldiers pulled out of that country. prince harry's helicopter training in afghanistan starts today. the prince recently arrived there for his second tour of duty. officials say harry did not want any royal treatment during the mission. he'll be inasmuch danger as almost any other member of the military. he's already completed a two-day course on shooting and roadside bomb awareness. his last mission was back in
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2008. it was kept a secret because of security concerns. the faa still trying to figure out how a piece of an airplane landed in a man's front yard in washington state. police say a landing gear door from a boeing 767 landed in thy. that piece is roughly the size of a refrigerator door, and it missed a parked car by just a few feet. luckily, nobody was hurt when the door hit the ground. >> came back to turn in my driveway, and there was a -- part of an airplane sitting here. >> and the big part landed right behind that red car over there. >> some neighbors say they heard a low flying plane overhead just moments before the door landed. at least one person broke a piece off of the door, and they say they're keeping it as a souvenir. >> that's no good when you find pieces of airplanes in your yard. >> you would think there would be a pilot somewhere going, hey, what happened to that door? i'm missing something. maybe not. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein back with good news.
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did you bring back this good weather? >> i did. yesterday it seemed like every motorcycle in the world was on the road yesterday. eun rode her harley this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> she's got her black leather on. she's good to go. a great day under way. if you can stand it, the autumnal pattern continues. a live view of the washington monument from the hd 4 city camera. 63 cool comfy degrees. if you left the windows open, there's a chill in your bedroom this morning. 51 is the dewpoint. that's very dry. northwest wind is about 10 miles an hour. that's going to pick up as the day progresses. as we have high pressure moving in from the midwest out of southern canada, dropped into the upper midwest overnight. many places in upper michigan and wisconsin are down into the 30s this morning. closer to home, we're in the low 50s in montgomery county, parts of fairfax, and into prince william and much of northern virginia, low to mid-50s. east of washington, prince george's county, mid-50s. charles county, anne arundel. temperatures there in the 60s.
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40s in the mountains. by 6:00 a.m., clear, chilly, not much wind around. we'll be in the 50s to low 60s. sunrise at 6:45. by noontime for the lunch hour, upper 60s and low 70s. beautiful day. just a few clouds popping up around midday and during the afternoon. those winds will diminish by late tonight. by dawn tomorrow, down to near 50 degrees much of the region, and even the 40s in many of the rural areas. afternoon highs upper 70s and bright and sunny. wednesday and thursday, mostly sunny. a bit milder during the afternoon, still chilly in the mornings in the 50s. as we get towards the weekend, there's going to be a front approaching on saturday night into sunday that might bring a passing shower. otherwise, weekend looks very nice as well. not too humid, not too hot. i'll be back in two minutes. mike is in for danella this morning with the first morning traffic. >> good morning, tom. things looking good on the beltway. we still have construction inner loop and outer loop of the wilson bridge, but that's on the shoulder.
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looking great 50 heading into maryland from annapolis. no serious problems outside the beltway. let's take a live look inside the beltway. 50 at 410, no serious backups there. it's about a six-minute ride from the beltway to 295 at 64 miles an hour. we'll take a look at rails next. aaron, eun? >> thanks, mike. a tulane university football player is in stable condition after injuring his spine on saturday. doctors performed surgery on devon walker yesterday. they had to prepare a fractured spine. he's 18 in white here. walker is expected to be in intensive care for the next few days. he and his teammate smashed helmets on one of the plays there. his doctors said it could be several days before they can assess the condition of his injury. the nationals' first place lead is down to 5 1/2 games. the marlins shut out the nats 8-0 yesterday. the marlins won 2 of 3 games here this weekend.
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washington heads to new york to take on the mets tonight. gio gonzalez will be on the mound. gio's been busy. he tweeted these pictures yesterday. these are the nats rookies dressed up like the u.s. women's gymnastics team. obviously, it's what you might call a little rookie hazing. looks like they're enjoying themselves. last year's rookies had to dress up like smurfs? what's worse? >> this. i don't remember the smurfs picture, but this is something you don't want to see. >> they looked like grown men wearing diapers. so i don't know. who says the best looking women always get the guy? what men really want? >> holding my tongue. first, after a surge in gas prices, you may finally get a little relief at the pump. plus how you may be able to avoid all those annoying ads
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that pop up on your kindle fire.
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welcome back. you already know gas prices are up. prices are up 1 cents from a month ago. aaa reports that prices are expected to drop as demand falls with the end of summer season and the end of hurricane season. they'll also switch to a less
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expensive blend of winter gasoline. gas prices are $3.98 in the district. virginia $3.78. in west virginia, $3.89. the national average is $3.83. good news if you're thinking of buying a new amazon kindle. the company will allow you to turn off advertisements for a fee. they will charge $15 for users to disable ads on their tablets. amazon originally wasn't going to allow them to stop their ads, but after consumers started complaining, the company quickly changed its policy. that's nice. if it bothers you that much, you should have the ability to turn it off for a fee in this case. i don't mind the ads. i don't want to pay the money. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. through the air, and

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